Which Choice Will a Terrorist Make? Chemical or Biological Weapons

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Chemical or Biological Weapons? As the last great superpower, the United States has reason to fear escalating terroristic attacks. This is not to say that the rest of the world is not also at risk, it simply means that the United States of America is often demonized as an international bully and as such is the target of animosity from many cultures and terrorist cells, both organized and unorganized. September 11, 2001, made it abundantly clear that the weapons of choice are no longer conventional means of warfare, particularly among terrorists. Rather, terrorists are employing weapons which are readily attainable, and cause as much mayhem and destruction as possible while inciting crippling fear in the target group. For this reason, several reputable sources insist that terrorists will strike a target with either chemical or biological weapons, if they have not already done so (Gannon, J., 2000, p. 2). Interestingly, both types of weapons are readily accessible and cause mayhem and death. From a terrorist standpoint, they both have their pros and cons. However, for many reasons, including the insidiousness of the agents and the expense to appropriate them, it is most likely that the next weapons of mass destruction utilized by terrorists will be biological weapons. When contemplating which choice a terrorist will make, chemical or biological, it is necessary to address the pros and cons of that type of weapon from a terrorist's perspective. Several factors will

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