Which Community Building Strategy Did You Implement This Week?

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1. Which community building strategy did you implement this week? This week my class worked on getting to know themselves and their classmates by filling in the blanks to create mini-biographies. 2. Briefly describe how you implemented this strategy. Why did you select it? Did the application have the expected impact? Would you implement it differently next time? Explain. Use applicable data (i.e., pre and post tests, etc.). • I selected this activity because I got two new students in my class this past week. I wanted to make them feel welcome and included. Since we will be having Open House in two weeks, it will be a great project to show parents the community of learners that I have in my class and demonstrate the companionship that exist in the classroom. I am (your name). I am ______ years old. I am good at __________. When I grow up, I want to be a(n) __________. • I had an idea on what the results would be but I didn't expect the students to be so interested in one another that much. The students asked important questions and wrote positive qualities they saw in one another. • Next time I do this activity I would like to do it at the beginning of the year as a way to straighten the concept of community and friendship. Then, I would repeat the activity towards the end of the year to see how much their perceptions of each other has changed or reminds the same. 3. What was the outcome of the strategy implementation? Explain (i.e., did student behavior change, was
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