Which Dictator Had the Most Success in His Economic and Social Policies, Hitler, Franco or Stalin?

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Which dictator had the most success in his economic and social policies, Hitler, Franco or Stalin? When reading the works of most historians, it is found that they are most critical of the policies of the three most famous dictators of the twentieth century; Adolf Hitler of Germany, Josef Stalin of the Soviet union and Francisco Franco of Spain. This is most probably due to the fact that these men were despicable characters and the death rate under them was extremely high due to their policies of terror on political opposition and on races they wanted eliminated from society as well as their, some might say, selfish policies which left millions starving and living standards poor. This essay however aims to focus on the positive economic…show more content…
This was a system of hundreds of forced labour camps, transit camps and prisons. As well as those who failed to meet work targets, the Guglag consisted of political prisoners and peasants opposed the collectivisation, known as kulaks. Collective farms were encouraged and completely voluntary until the policy was stiffened in November 1929. There were two types, kolkhoz and kolkhoz. Stalin bought American and Germany technology and put factories on a seven day week. He financed his purchases by forcing the peasants to pay discriminatory taxation and buying produce off them for extremely low prices. This led to migration into the towns, there were 16.6 million migrators between 1929 and 1935. This meant more workers for the factories in the towns. Planners ' preferences over consumer preferences was the policy and planners preferred investment and military goods over consumer products. New blast furnaces were constructed and old one were modernised rather than having the factories build washing machines and refrigerators. There were successes and failures of Stalin 's dictatorship which will be analysed here. To begin with, whole new cities were built, such as Magnitogorsk, the White Sea-Baltic canal was constructed and engineering plants in Moscow and Leningrad expanded. There were huge achievements in dams and hydroelectric power; transport and communication, the Moscow underground; farm machinery; electricity, coal, steel, fertilisers and

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