Which Firms Are Important to a Society and Its Economy? Large Firms or Small Firms.

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[pic] SUBJECT: CORPORATE ENVIROMENT PROJECT REPORT ON WHICH FIRMS ARE IMPORTANT TO A SOCIETY AND ITS ECONOMY? LARGE FIRMS OR SMALL FIRMS. WORD COUNT: 2602. BY STUDENT ID: 094005 STUDENT ID: 094011 STUDENT ID: 094057 STUDENT ID: 094031 INDEX 1. INTRODUCTION (3) 1.1. COMPARISON BETWEEN THE SMALL FIRMS AND THE LARGE FIRMS (3). 2. SMALL FIRMS OVER THE LARGE FIRMS (4). 2.1 ADVANTAGE OF THE SMALL FIRMS (5). 2.2 SMALL FIRMS ACT AS A BACKBONE EXAMPLE (6). 3. CONCLUSION (7). 4. BIBLIOGRAPHY (8). ( ) Indicate page number. 1. INTRODUCTION Which firms are more important to a society and its economy: Large firms or Small firms? Large firms refer to those which require huge infrastructure, man power…show more content…
Small firms are good for those people who have experience in particular field but do not have a necessary amount of resources, in the terms of resources contain land, labour, capital and enterprise. Small firms not require more space to start production so require less amount of land same as land in production small firms require less number of people. Enterprise is the risk taking ability of the owner. Small firms give the freedom of their owner to choose the way in which they want to work, like an example the office hours or day off. If the owner of the small firms want to work in night they can work or work into day they can work they have flexibility in work, if the owner want they want like to work today then they can. They can free to choose their break time as well. The owner or the entrepreneur has complete right over the profit. He or she does not have to share it with other, then in the large firms or public limited large companies have to give out the profits to large number of shareholder in the form of dividends. In the small firms the owner has complete right over the profit so he or she motivates himself or herself to work harder because he or she is

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