Which Is More Effective at Bringing about Political Change, Political Parties or Social Movements?

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I will look at the structures of a political system that enables Green political parties to gain representation. Often Green political parties start from grassroots social movements, which can make it difficult to separate the influence that they have on policy change from the movement. Traditionally New political parties, with the exception of Green and new religious parties (Boyeller, 2014), struggle to gain and retain some control in government due to the resilience of traditional parties (Siavelis 2006). This occurs due to New political parties being largely based on only a few issues (Siavelis, 2006), which then becomes irrelevant when the issue is absorbed by the traditional party.
In contrast, Greens parties often take on range of post-materialist issues (Kitschelt 1993) in addition to ecological issues. Greens parties are considered some of the ‘most successful in terms of persistence and sustainability’ (Boyeller 2014) of the New politics parties. However their success is somewhat dependent whether the system favours a two-party system or proportional multi-partism. I will discuss the popularity of Green parties in proportional representation multi-party systems in Europe and the Australian Senate.
In most cases, new political parties form when new issues are not being addressed by…
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