Which Is More Important In Making A Success Of Your Life

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Which is more important in making a success of your life - your own efforts or the family you were born into? This essay will explain how success in life is a matter of education. The essay begins by defining what is meant by success. The definition of success shows that the term has a social meaning or as Durkheim says “social facts”. The essay will explain how research can help to understand education as success. The essay defines a successful person as a person who has a reasonably good education. Having a good education could mean gaining a broad understanding of the world by attending a public or private school, college, university or even home study. This would at least increase knowledge power and help to gain valuable life …show more content…

I had no idea about what path to choose or even the amount of possible career choices that were available. After finding some much needed inspiration through my experiences as an employee I have now come to realize that I know exactly what I want to do and will eventually be the successful woman I want to be. I know that I would never be able to make a difference in lives within my chosen career with no formal qualifications or relevant experience, which is why I have decided to go to university and pursue a successful career. This part of the essay will now turn to the structural factors that get in the way of achieving success in education. Social class is a big constraint on success in education as although more deprived and underperforming areas seem to be provided with extra resources outside of school they are still labelled on there background or type of school they go to. Poorer families are not always able to afford resources such as private tutors, after school clubs, books or internet. According to Gideon Calder in state schools the harder working but poorer children get over taken by the moderately working richer children between the ages of five and sixteen. The poorest pupils are far less likely to attend an elite university than their financially privileged peers. On average they will be on a lower income, there health will not be as good and die at a younger age. “Strikingly, 71% of senior judges, 43% of newspaper

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