Which Phone Is Best For You? Samsung Galaxy

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Which phone is best for you? Samsung Galaxy S5 VS Apple IPhone 6

For the last few years there 's just been two handsets EVERYBODY thought about: Samsung 's most recent Galaxy S gadget and Apple 's iPhone. Not long from now, in any case, is marginally diverse as Samsung –– in every practical sense –– is attempting to transform 2014 's Galaxy S5 into a hit, emulating affirmed dunks in deals year-on-year of around 40%. Luckily for Samsung it has the Galaxy Note 4 and the altogether fabulous Samsung Galaxy Alpha to fill in the crevices.

JK Shin is obviously confronting the terminating squad and Samsung is currently at present totally re-assessing its Galaxy S line in front of the dispatch of the Galaxy S6 amid Q1 2015 –– so expect BIG
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While that supposed metallic form hasn 't risen, the silver (plastic) encompass now has a furrowed composition as seen on the Galaxy Note 3, then the back board has a matte completion and a dimpled surface.

There 's additionally a spread on the micro USB port, an indication of the Ip67 tidy and water sealing. As is progressively the case with vigorously supposed dispatches, the iPhone 6 ended up being all that we 'd heard as of now, and in fact all that we 'd seen in the torrent of released sham mockups.

That implies another yet-well known shape with more adjusted corners and edges, and an aluminum back board that embraces round to the front. It 's 6.8mm thick and games a stainless steel Apple logo on the back. There is, notwithstanding, no waterproofing and none of that supposed Sapphire Glass on the front to prevent the screen from crushing on the off chance that you bobble it. Apple has figured out how to make the iPhone 6 look unique enough from its forerunner while keeping up that extraordinary Apple tasteful. It 's a bigger telephone to oblige the greater presentation, however the screen-to-body proportion is pretty much unaltered. There 's a striking new outline to the end tops at either end of the telephone.

Hardware, Connectivity & Storage
The iPhone 6 comes in 16gb, 64gb, and 128gb stockpiling variations - the 32gb model is dead and covered. Samsung 's Galaxy S5 accompanies either 16gb or 32gb of locally
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