Which Religion In India Should Be The Main Religion

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I am here today to tell you which religion in India should be the main religion. I think that Buddhism should be the main religion, because they think everyone is equal, everyone can believe what they want, and they don't believe in life after death. Even though that Hinduism is the main religion in India, Buddhism should be instead. Continue reading, to have your mind blown away, and to switch your beliefs if you believe in Hinduism. To begin, in Buddhism everyone is equal. Unlike in Hinduism where they have a Caste System and everyone is a different level. That is very unfair, because everyone has to do a different job. The Untouchables are the slaves and have to do all of the dirty work, and the Brahmins are right underneath the King. They still have to do work but not as much as everyone else does. The Untouchables are so low down that they aren’t even a part of the Caste System. They are lowest that any human could go. After you get underneath the…show more content…
Unlike the Egyptians that believe in life after death. The Buddhism's believe that once you die you die, and your heart doesn’t come back to life. In Hinduism, they believe in the reincarnation. Which is when you die and you have bad karma you have to go through the reincarnation stage over and over again. Which if you die by murder, or suicide, then you soul gets to roam around wherever you died for years as a ghost. Buddhists are way different than every other religion. Which is a good thing that they are different but also a bad thing, because then a lot of people might not go to the religion. I think this because everyone knows how all the other religions operate. But in Buddhism once you die you die and you just sit there. Your soul doesn’t roam around the yard, but it says in your soul. In my opinion it would be very creepy to walk past somewhere, and someone’s soul is roaming around you and touching your body or the things around
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