Which Religion Is More Violent in History: Christianity or Islam?

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Which religion is more violent in history: Christianity or Islam?

A Jewish–American author by the name of Isaac Bashevis Singer gave a quote which says;
“Doubt is part of all religion, all religious thinkers were doubters”. Religion has always been very controversial in within society as there were always theories that were not proven as fact, problematic agendas within the various religions. The world most violent problems have everyone from politicians to ordinary citizen to simplistically say that religion is at fault. This is not ignorant, but it dangerously points a finger away from the real causes of these problems, and without recognizing these, we can never get started on fixing them. Religion has been the cause of must
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In the late tenth century, a story spread that before Muhammad destroyed the idols at the Kaaba that of Manat was secretly sent to a Hindu temple in India; and the place was renamed as So-Manat or Somnath. Acting on this, the Shiva idol at the Somnath temple was destroyed in a raid by Mahmud Ghazni in 1024 CE; which is considered the first act of Jihad in India. In 1527, Babur ordered a Jihad against Rajput’s at the battle of Khanwa. Publicly addressing his men, he declared the forthcoming battle a Jihad. His soldiers were facing a non-Muslim army for the first time ever. This, he said, was their chance to become either a Ghazi (soldier of Islam) or a Shaheed (Martyr of Islam). The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb waged a Jihad against those identified as heterodox within India's Islamic community, such as Shi'a Muslims. Christianity, further more proved that they can be violent against each other through the blood bath of the Catholics and the Protestant. This was called the blood bath of Thorn which referred to the execution ordered in 1724 by the polish supreme court under the Augustus II the strong of Saxony. During a religious conflict between protestant townsfolk represented by mayor Johann Gottfried Rosner, and the Roman Catholic students of Jesuit College in the city of Thorn in Russia Prussia. The college had been vandalized by a crowd of German Protestants. The mayor and

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