Which State Has the Highest Crime Rate?

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These locations have been specifically known for murder, rape, robbery, assault and drug trafficking. The top ten areas are known as Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Ala., Atlanta, Baltimore, Stockton, and Cleveland, Ohio. While the citizens of these top ten criminal states still live from day to day, one question still remains throughout the United States, which state out of the top 10 remains in the lead for the most dangerous area to live? I will be comparing the statistics of the top 10 areas in the United States in order to thoroughly answer this question. Depending on the population of a state/city, that will measure the probability of the amount of crime that happens on a day to day basis. This statistic is valuable because it helps geographic analyst understand why the crime rating is so much high than places such as Texas, Florida, and New York. It does not necessarily be because of the population. This is because the last three places in which were named are all heavily populated areas in the United States. A lot of times the reason for so much crime in one area is because of poverty. Most of the top 10 areas with the highest crime have a huge population of people who struggle everyday just to survive and make ends meet for their families and themselves. Many jobs are lost on a daily…
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