Which Will Kindergartners Choose Analysis

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The article I chose to read was “Fiction vs. Informational Texts, Which Will Kindergartners Choose”. The article asks will kindergartners choose fiction or non-fiction books when given the option. The teacher decided to run a nineteen week study on her class. To conduct the study she came up with her own questions. She found that kindergartners are more drawn to non-fiction books. The article also mentions that young children are more likely to read non-fiction books because of their curiosity of their world and how it works. The author also notes that children do enjoy reading fiction books. She also notes that boys were more likely to read non-fiction books over fiction books. At the end of her study she had the children tell her the difference…show more content…
Correia was curious about if her students would read more non-fiction or fiction books so she performed a study. I really like how she performed a study even if it was informal. As a result, she now knows what she should provide for future classes. Correia also realizes every class will be different than the one she did a study on. I also like how she made an attempt to read at least two non-fiction books to read aloud to the class. Another thing Correia did that was great for the classroom was finding out what her students wanted to learn about. She provided more than books. She provided kid’s magazines, brochures, cereal box covers, and cookbooks for children. I especially liked how she wrapped up the activity by having the children explain if they preferred fiction or non-fiction and why. The only thing I would have improved is doing the study more towards the beginning of the year and finding out what the students wanted to learn about. There was some new information I gained from the article that can be brought into the classroom. The main thing I gained is researching the children to see if they prefer fiction or non-fiction books. After researching the student’s reading habits I would also ask them what the student’s would like to read about. I would also ask the children the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. If a student were to turn in a fictional character as non-fiction I would still accept it as non-fiction like Correia
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