Which of the Hr Objectives Facing Mr. Brush Are Really the Most Important to the Success of the Business?

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1. Which of the HR objectives facing Mr. Brush are really the most important to the success of the business? Prioritize them and justify your list. The success of the business would be best helped by the recruitment of new workers to meet the additional demands on the company, followed by training of the new recruits and management of healthcare cost. Any initiative undertaken must follow the objectives of the organization. It is critical that organizational objective and HR initiatives support each other. The business is growing and it is facing a tight labor market. In a tight job market employers face the growing problem of attracting and retaining the work force necessary for their businesses to grow and thrive. Once the HR…show more content…
All of these attributes help the company and its workforce to be united in facing the challenges ahead. An added bonus is that employees stay where they know their impact on their company, receive recognition for their efforts, and understand integration. Health care cost is rising and with the aging of the current workforce these cost will increase even further. Healthcare costs continue to escalate and are affecting many companies large and small. Human Resource professionals are charged with continually looking for effective ways to maintain reasonable cost structures while meeting the needs of employees and potential employees. As employee benefit programs, and specifically healthcare programs, continue to play a pivotal role in the attraction and retention of a qualified workforce, the HR department needs to determine cost-effective strategies that will help them manage their organization’s healthcare costs. 2. Now consider this list of objectives from the perspective of employees. Using the employees’ perspective how would you prioritize the list? What are the implications in any differences in the two lists of priorities for Mr. Brush? From an employees’ perspective the priorities might be safety and health first, with health care second (good care at a reasonable price to the employee), and up to date technology and good training in the third spot. For employees a safe

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