While Doing Research For My Special Education Interview,

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While doing research for my special education interview, I wanted to focus on parent
Parentship skills. The true recipe of a great parent partnership comes from trust, respect and communication. The collaboration of a true parent partnership allows both the teachers and parents to be able to work as a team to provide the student the best personalized education. This year, I have started as new special education teacher in two half day, integrated preschool classrooms for Thompson Valley School District. I was very confident that I could teach preschool however, this year would be my first experience with special education. In my both of my classes, I had a warm welcomes from family members, however, I can remember that I had one parent
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Her daughter, my student, could have sensitive feeling towards how her speech was portrayed to the outside world of our school. This parent will alway give me a heads up on if there has been positive or negative experience for this child before the school day starts. “ Peers and teachers play a significant role in a student’s social development . When communication is easy, students learn social norms, rules of conversation, appropriate ways of responding in various situations, and how to develop relationships” (Turnbill, 2016, p. 297).

Legal This parent’s legal philosophy on special education was to seek legal help as the last choice. She prefers to work with the school system in a cooperative way to have a plan and resources to both help her child and her teacher. She stated several times that she learn more about her rights as a parent from having to seek out own advice. “For my oldest, he is now eleven, we had to get legal advice when he was in kindergarten. The teacher decided that he didn’t need an IEP anymore because he didn’t score low on the standard testing . He wasn 't in the range for an IEP.” Unfortunately, this parent felt that there was no open communication with her son’s teacher. I recall her stating that the teacher made her feel inadequate about what her son need to be learning in Kindergarten.” Looking back, this parent
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