While Growing Up, Linguistic And Gestural Communication

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While growing up, linguistic and gestural communication played a huge role in my household. A simple difference in tone, and a side eye from Mom would change my sister’s and my whole demeanor. Even though certain phrases weren’t used literally, learning the connotation of the expression was a key to forming successful relationships with others. Understanding these types of social cues is an especially vital point in the nursing field when working so closely with strangers. You must take their actions and your own into account during an interaction whether in the office, a private clinic, or the hospital. To understand the proper ways of communication in this field, I decided to research the distinct types such as linguistic, aural,…show more content…
She would also pace the middle hallway in between the tables, making eye contact with each student, and pointing to them if they answered a question correctly. This style of teaching positively influenced the students’ participation, and helped with memorization. Dr. Sawyer also used large gestures to emphasize the vital details, and told small anecdotes to show students how the lesson could be used in real life scenarios. The class was also open to any questions or discussions they felt necessary. Instead of a quiet lecture, the lesson made students excited and eager to learn about the material. These types of interactions encourage a strong connection between the students and their professor. Not only are the students able to fully comprehend the information taught in the class, but also draw on information from previous lessons to enhance their experience. This one observation experience taught me a lot about how nursing students interact with each other. Instead of working independently, students are expected to collaborate. Participation was emphasized throughout the class because in nursing it won’t simply be sitting in an office, or completing paperwork all day. In the nursing field, being able to identify symptoms and recognize issues in the body are necessary skills. The only way to fully comprehend these concepts is to be hands-on and practice them out loud with peers and
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