While I Fully Believe That It Is Important To Understand

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While I fully believe that it is important to understand what happens in the past, I believe that what we experience in the present is just as important. Throughout the semester this class, values and ethics, has helped me to understand not only the actions of myself, but the actions of those around me in the past as well. This class has taught me what it means to have values and morals, as well as how important it is to accept the values and morals of others. Meeting and being around people who had different morals and values than I did, is something that I have never really been around, so this class was both positive and negative for me. Growing up in East Tennessee has always been a dream come true, there is not another place on this…show more content…
Religion to many people, myself included, is the basis of who they are. Jong explains the role of religious leaders, within a person’s value system. Over the course of this semester, I have leaned on my religious views to get me through, each morning before class, I sit in my car and read my bible. Then, coming into class, I apply my religious thoughts to the topic of the day, it is amazing just how much that alone changed my views. Throughout the semester, my values have not really been altered that much. I have however, accepted people’s opinions that are way different from mine. I have heard numerous people talk about why they think like they do and where they get their morals from. There have been many times that the people that are in my group, or sit around me have said things that I do not agree with at all, but instead of arguing, I listened. While I did not agree with them, in some instances I agreed with their reasoning behind things, and I think that is important. I think this class is a lot about learning that everyone is not the same, and that everyone is always going to have a differnt opinion than you do, and for the first time I think that is ok. This course has defiantly taught me a lot about stereotype, not just that I have but that everyone else around me has as well. Coming into the class, I never expected it to be like it has been. I expected it to just be lectures from a book, but this class
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