While The Concept Of Pre-Assessments Is Not New To Me,

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While the concept of pre-assessments is not new to me, the application of it was entirely unfamiliar. Growing up my teachers did not give pre-assessments that often, or if they did, it was so embedded in the curriculum that I never noticed it. However, I have always liked the idea of giving the students something to measure their base knowledge with while providing you, the teacher, with the information you need to write lessons that will reach the students were they are at. Pre-assessments would be a good start to any new unit, especially one that would have a lot of misconceptions attached to it. I think that one of the best uses of pre-assessments is to learn where students think they have the answers, but in reality are holding on to…show more content…
Pre-Assessments should never be used to add a grade to the gradebook. If you are going into the assessment with the purpose of finding misconceptions, it would be counterproductive to penalize students for giving you the truthful answers that you were looking for. The results of the pre-assessment should be recorded though, so that at the end of the unit, students can see the progress they have made towards the learning goal. If they have made none, you should reevaluate the effectiveness of your lessons.
Formative Assessment Formative Assessments are a little harder for me to find a concrete statement for. So much of my beliefs on formative assessments is based in the situation. I do think that it is always a good idea to have at least one formative assessment in a unit, simply so you know if your teaching is reaching the students, or if you need to rework you approach. I see formative assessments as little checkpoints along the road to the learning goal. The main purpose of a formative assessment is to see if students are making progress towards mastery of the standard. This can help you identify students that all falling behind or students who are progressing quickly. They can also provide key information for self-reflection for the teacher. If students are, as a whole, not meeting expectations in the formative assessment, it is the teacher’s job to identify why. I believe that in this situation, the teacher should spend time reflecting on which
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