While Valen Was Pondering Of Ways To Prove Women As Inferior

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While Valen was pondering of ways to prove women as inferior with regards to craniology. In 1972 within another field, Elaine Morgan was writing disproof against the great Charles Darwin himself. The Descent of Woman was originally written as a witty way to disproof the poor reasoning within The Naked Ape. Morgan also uses this chance to go over some of the previous hypothesis focused on some of the causes that pushed hominins to evolve the way they did. As a woman, nobody truly had high expectations for her writing, however her arguments regarding the reasons that hominins choose to hunt mostly at the shore during the dry seasons and not further inside had a lot of support. She writes that the evolution of their increase cerebral…show more content…
It was believed men evolved around their weakness. However, Bettyann Kevles says otherwise in her book “Females of the Species: Sex and Survival in the Animal Kingdom”. In this book, Kevles writes about the ways in which women have been an active participant in evolution. She goes as far as to examine patterns of behavior in animal species. Kevles described the ways females’ court then mate with males, nurture their young, and cooperate and compete with one another for survival. Within the book, Kevles gives a plethora of examples, of female creatures in their natural habitat, doing extraordinary things that have gone unnoticed. It is as engaging as it is informative as she spews fact after interesting fact, such as "A female lyrebird will pick a male on the length of his tail, because since the tail grows with age, she can judge the maturity of a male and his chances to survive for many seasons and . . . sire healthy offspring," Kevles writes. By reading this one can question if males are truly the advanced species or if females have been being overlooked for all that they do. These studies and books have all been published decades ago, and even now in the 21st century, women being inferior to men are still used as an excuse for the differences between the two sexes. With women holding just 16 of the CEO spots at Fortune 500 companies, winning only 17% of the seats in Congress, and graduating with just 18% of all computer

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