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Unit three Written Assignment KU Consulting Proposal for Albatross Anchor MT435 Operations Management Kaplan University August 27, 2012 Albatross Anchor is a family owned business that is located on a twelve acre suburb in Smalltown USA. The Albatross Anchor is encounting some business set back that is affected their business. To win this 50,000 contract the albatross anchor has to make some changes in the company here are some changes that they need to make to have a successful business and to get extra clients. First thing is Cost since Albatross anchor…show more content…
To increase the cost and improve the safety of employees products. They need to also update everything to the new modern equipment and train every employee on how to work the new equipment. And make sure that they meet the US Safety standards. Capacity and facilities the current floor plan is inefficient. The warehouse is too far from the production area, wasting two much time in transporting the raw materials for production. And because the warehouse has manufacturing, the shipping department, the receiving department, raw materials storage, finished product storage this cause congestion and disorganized and hard to work in. They should work on separating every department and organizing and have employee be liable for making sure that depart stay clean and in order and that they work gets done in that department. This will make the workplace a safe and easier to work. Service to customer the first thing is great customer services providing everything that the customer needs in a timely manner. Since they only offer to OEM and Distributors by them upgrading the equipment and getting organized and making sure that every employee is trained correct to get the products out the warehouse on time. It’s important that Albatross Anchor take responsibility and set up a business plan to make sure that they get the things that are out of order like the relocating the department, update their technology and get organized and have employees understand
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