Whip it

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In the beginning of the film “Whip It!” Bliss is curious about joining the roller derby team while in Austin, TX for the derby event, but her friend, Pash, is doubtful about her actually trying out for the team. Pash brings up several factors about why Bliss wouldn’t try out including her not having the guts to try out, her not being as tough as the other roller derby girls, and the fact that her mother would disapprove of it. Plus, although Pash didn’t exactly mention it, Bliss wasn’t the appropriate age to join the team. She had to be 21 to join the team and she was only 17. I felt like Pash was bringing up all of Bliss’ flaws not to put her down, but to make her want to prove her wrong and go for it.
As the movie explores the
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The key to not letting the downsides knock you off your axis is to stay focused and to never let friends and family fall to the wayside while pursuing that
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