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Whirlpool Corporation DATE: TO: September 18, 2008 Dana Donnley Director of Employee Communication, Whirlpool Corporation Human Resources, Whirlpool Corporation Whirlpool Insurance Provider Legal Department, Whirlpool Corporation Corporate Communications, Whirlpool Corporation XXXXXX XXXXXX Employee Communication Manager Implementation of New Whirlpool Corporation Employee Wellness Program COPY: FROM: SUBJECT: This memo recommends that Whirlpool Corporation announce a new expansion to the Employee Wellness Program: the inclusion of spouses of employees. By offering annual physicals to employees and their spouses, Whirlpool hopes to see a decrease in company insurance spending and an increase in employee productivity and…show more content…
This will allow for increased spending in other areas of our company, creating a more productive budget. In addition, participation in the Wellness Program will provide employees that are able to work more often and more efficiently. This will undoubtedly increase productivity and decrease turnover. With 39,000 employees in the United States and 30 foreign nations, it is imperative that we maintain healthy and productive employees. Because of these significant benefits, it is crucial that we maintain and improve participation in the program. However, there are several concerns that may hinder such participation: 1. Despite Whirlpool’s guarantee of confidentiality, many employees do not trust the company with such private information. a. Employees have expressed their fear in the use of the information. They are concerned that their health status may negatively affect their position in the company. b. Although it is assured that no records are kept, employees fear the leak of private health information to their peers. If information was leaked, they fear the effects on their reputation and social standing within the company. 2. In order for the new addition to our program to be successful, it is important that we stress the benefits to our current employees. a. If our employees do not
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