Whiskey Rebellion ( 1794 )

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Whiskey Rebellion (1794)
In 1791, congress had placed a federal tax on whiskey to help get rid of the national debt the consisted of $54 million. Whiskey was extremely valuable for it was an all purpose liquor used by many. So in 1794 thousands of pennsylvanian farmers in opposition to the tax got together and rebelled against federal law, and eventually George Washington had to send in enforcement and peace commissioners.
The enforcement helped George Washington to establish the authority of the federal government. Besides this showing america’s effort to get out of national debt, it was one of the first fights against taxation without representation.
Jay’s Treaty (1794)
Also known as the Treaty of Amity, and was an agreement between the United States and England to limit trade relations between them and Britain. England also agreed to give up forts in the northwestern frontier and withdrawal forces as well join a commision to help settle border disputes.
One of the first steps to solving disputes between America and Britain after the American Independence. It was in place to resolve issues the countries still had between each other. There were still tensions between the U.S. and the mother country, but this was a necessary step to take.
The Neutrality Proclamation of 1793 (1793)
This was Neutrality proclamation stating the United States was to not get involved with a war between two or more countries, specifically at this time, France and Great Britain. This was
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