Essay on Whispering in the Giants Ear by William Powers

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Williams Powers, an ecotourist activist wrote in his book, Whispering in the Giants Ear, “That which we allow to exist, to flourish freely according to its own rhythms, is superior to anything our little hands create.” Ecotourism is defined as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people."
Economical Impact
Ecotourism plays a vital role in a nations economy. Many factors entail whether a country can be successful economically. Ecotourism has thrived and failed, depending on how it was operated. Once a country accepts money from their government to begin ecotourism, they will be forever in debt. When the governments fronts the money, the government is in control. Often, governments grow impatient as profits do not appear immediately. The government will cut their losses and never be able to see the true potential ecotourism has. These countries will go millions into debt, without seeing a dollar in profit. This exact example occurred in the Philippines. The Philippines government invested millions into ecotourism with large hopes and aspirations. After a few years, the locals found there was steady improvement. Money was beginning to come in, but after half a decade still no profit, only improvement. The government became frustrated and cut their losses. The problem in the Philippines was a miscommunication among the expectations for ecotourism. The Philippines had a verbal agreement with the…