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Being a Whistle Blower To some the word whistleblower just sounds like a bad thing to be called. So what is a whistle blower you may ask? A whistleblower is a person who informs on a person or an organization engaged in an illicit activity. So what are the pro to being a whistleblower, better yet what are the cons as well? Some of the pros are that the person who is a whistleblower is a courageous individual who recognize a wrong and are willing to take risks in order to see that the wrongs are corrected. “Personal gratification isn’t the only benefit of becoming a whistleblower though. The amount that the relator can receive most often ranges from 15% to 30% depending on whether the government intervenes in the case or not. The whistle…show more content…
The length of the process and the uncertainty that comes with it can be incredibly taxing on the whistleblower.” (Pros and Cons of Becoming a Whistleblower) Just seeing that your identity will be revealed to everyone who wanted to see what the case was about is a scary fact. People will see you as nothing more than a rat to the company and may make it much harder for you to ever get a job with any corporation. That being said I cant see how anyone would want to be a whistleblower at all because it could ruin your life in the long run. I believe that Douglas Durand and the Federal Government were wrong in the case against TAP when it comes to ethical standpoint. The fact that their case started to fall apart because Douglas didn’t have all the proof that he truly thought he had. I also believe that they didn’t have the justification to go in and say that TAP was going and making these overcharges towards the government Medicare. If Douglas had just stayed a little longer and perhaps was able to prove everything much easier and much faster in the process instead of having everything almost fall apart on their faces. If it were up to me to make sure that TAP doesn’t get a lawsuit like the following again I think that they should do the following. Hire people that go through an extensive background. Make sure that if they are planning on scamming the government because they are money hungry
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