Essay on Whistle Blower and the Allegory of the Cave

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The Life of a Whistle Blower Since the 1960s, the public value of whistle blowing has been increasingly recognized. Whistle blowing statutes protect from discharge or discrimination an employee who has initiated an investigation of an employer’s activities or who has otherwise cooperated with a regulatory agency in carrying out an inquiry or the enforcement of regulations. Many states have enacted whistle blower statutes, but these statutes vary widely in coverage. Some statutes apply only to public employees, some apply to both public and private employees, and others apply to public contractors. Under the federal False Claims Act, any person with knowledge of false claims or fraud against the institution may bring a lawsuit in his or…show more content…
As a fast food eater, we are chained in the darkness of the cave and we do not want to accept the reality of how negative fast food has on us. To the back of the prisoners, lie the puppeteers who are casting the shadows on the wall, which the prisoners perceive as reality. The puppeteers are the marketing team of the fast food industry. They utilize many different marketing strategies to reel in customers. For example, the puppeteers targets children as their marketing strategy. The kids would nag and whine to their parents to go get that Happy Meal from McDonald’s because of that toy. These kids continue to be prisoners of fast food, lifetime purchasers of McDonald’s. As Socrates described the cave and the situation of the prisoners, he conveys the point that the prisoners would be fundamentally mistaken as to what is reality. Because we know that the puppeteers behind them are using objects to liken the shadow. We all know that McDonald’s is not good for our health, but those that have kids continue to go to McDonald’s at least once every now and then because their child nagged about wanting to go there. Fast Food Nation could definitely be analyzed in the context of Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave”. In the movie, Michael Clayton, a law firm brings in its “fixer” by the name of Michael to remedy the situation after a lawyer, Arthur, has a breakdown

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