Whistleblowers Essay

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Debbie Laird Whistleblowers October 25, 2015 Law, Ethics and Corporate Government Whistleblowers The term “whistleblower” is sometimes referred to as snitch, rat, or disgruntled employee. In today’s business world with corruption such as that of Enron, which helped to make whistleblowing a household term, employees who witness corrupt or unethical business practices taking place need to have a channel and they need protection that if they blow the whistle, then they will be protected by the US Government. Being a whistleblower takes courage as whistleblowing is not an easy thing to do. To better understand whistleblowing, this paper attempts to define whistleblowers, the characteristics of whistleblowing and what motivates…show more content…
The company promised to look into the matter. After a short period of time, the CEO resigned and Blatchford, who was dissatisfied with the plan the publically traded company had to rectify the situation, so he took the news to the Today Show (Reingold, 2015). JC Penney responded by firing Blatchford and proceeded to sue him for theft of trade secrets. JC Penney dropped the suit, but to this day, the whistleblowing case has not been settled. Blatchford followed his instinct and reported the wrong doings, but did he go too far by appearing on the Today Show? Probably, he should have proceeded with a different route after not getting the results he thought were necessary to correct the problem. Instead of appearing on a national television program, he should have contacted the correct government authorities and reported the problem in that manner. But is he protected under the Whistleblower Act? Was he being retaliated against by being fired? Probably, but considering he took his claims to national television, JC Penney saw no other avenue but then to fire him. Being a whistleblower takes courage, but it also takes common sense and some research on the proper channels and proper authorities in which to report the wrong doing to. Whistleblowers need to understand that there are laws in place to protect them from retaliation. While the JC Penney
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