Whistleblowers Research Paper

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It is popularly believed, even by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, that whistleblowers only break promises of the nation, and release critically secret information to the everyday public. Many believe that they should be punished for this violation of secrecy. Yet, perhaps what they release could be saving the country and government. Secrets in government of war and finances can be detrimental to the health of the United States of America from the spread of conspiracy theories and due to the fact that the government, which should be protecting the people, is sneaking behind citizen's backs and making their own worldwide decisions. Whistleblowers are needed to create a prosperous and stable country if our government is going to be this corrupt with their secrets.

Corruption with government secrets is a main topic as to why whistleblowers are needed. There is a fine line between what the government needs to hold and what the government should share, but it is popularly believed that the government needs to release more so it can actually feel like the people get their own say. Whistleblowers don't just believe that there are huge amounts of secrets that need to be released, but they only say what must be said. Edward Snowden was a technical assistant who worked for the NSA and
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Even the Whistleblower Protection Act was about government workers who planned to release information due to the fact that it's a corrupt idea to hold secret must go through a process with the government to work out the problem which probably wouldn't draw anyone to not illegally sell information. The IG for Department of Justice Michael Horowitz claimed that all whistleblowers want to do is release information that they will think help the country to know. So far, the this has been the case, and many supporters have come out to say that the revealed secret holds use at how the government was being corrupt for holding on to
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