Whistleblowing And Its Effect On National Security

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The concept of whistleblowing in modern days differs from citizens to public servants. From citizens’ perspective, this action is perceived positively because it promotes the public good, and for most public servants, this action is perceived negatively because it damages the reputation of the organization and can ultimately jeopardize national security. The level of importance that is given to whistleblowing depends on its nature, its political context, and how the media portrays it. In the Off-Road Vehicles in Hoosier National Forest case, the supervisor made decisions oblivious to the facts presented by his staff and scientists’ opinions. The Hoosier National Forest’s (HNF) supervisor Girton created a conflict due to his lack of…show more content…
The motivation will determine how the public perceives the whistleblowing. The supervisor was motivated by personal incentives. For example, his two children received trail bikes from American Motorcycle Association (AMA) (O’Leary, p.70). There could be more discussion about conflict of interest on his part, and subsequently the reason of no reaching an outcome that goes according to the regulations and the law. On the other hand, Ferguson was motivated to become a whistleblower when he observed that Girton’s personal interests collide with public interests. Not only the decision of allowing ORV in protected lands in 1971, but the consequences it would bring for the National Forest Service Agency, the organization that he belonged since 1940. He had stepped down from the position of forest supervisor when he married another service employee. This shows he was concerned with any ethical implication that emerged from this relationship in the workplace (O’ Leary, 69). Ferguson proved to be a person of good character and integrity as well as a highly experienced professional in the environmental field. With Girton’s approval of ORV trails— a policy that allowed limited use of the vehicles in a small number of approved areas— Ferguson felt that the organization was being misrepresented and taking a path that did not serve its mission. Therefore, he arrived to the conclusion of changing the path and setting up an example for the future;

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