Whistleblowing Case

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The Whistleblowing Case Studies There are various cases about whistleblowing, one of them is the case of Motorola CFO, Paul Liska.1 He has been fired after giving a presentation. In the presentation, Liska pointed out to Motorola directors that the cell phone unit, Mobile Devices, missed its sales projection for the preceding three months. Liska intended to attack Sanjay Jha, the head of Motorola’s cell phone division, by doing the presentation at the board meeting. The whistleblowing occurred because Liska and Jha did not get along well, and Liska tried to save the situation with an attack on Jha. Liska objected to Jha’s hiring, his compensation package and the co-CEO agreement. Liska’s behavior markedly deteriorated after Jha’s hiring,…show more content…
In my opinion, this is not just a personality clash and more of different views towards the development of the company in the future. He could just keep quiet but his professionalism made him to do the other way round. Circumstances of When Whistleblowing Is Ethically Justifiable When we talk about whistleblowing and loyalty to a firm, we need to ask a number of questions: Do engineers have a duty of loyalty to their organizations? If so, engineers have a duty to act to the best interest of the firm, then is whistleblowing ever ethically justifiable? Always, people treat loyalty as a virtue. We were taught from young to be loyal to our friends, family and our country. However, in the case of loyalty to a firm, it could be a little different. Loyalty to a corporation is more on dedication and devotion to the development of the firm. Based on that, we can say that if the whistle-blowing is for the good cause to the company’s future, we may not say it is ethically wrong or the person is not loyal. For example, if your boss ask you to ignore some flaws or wrongdoings in a company project, you know the severe consequences for not solving those problems, then it is your duty to whistle-blowing, because you are responsible to the company’s future and the society, you are loyal to the objective of the company not to a wrongdoing person. Another thing about ethically justifiable whistle-blowing is safety. We need to admit that safety is an incontrovertible

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