Whistleblowing Essay

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AC 4001 – Interim Assignment – 2012/2013 Name: James Nicholas Anthony Cassin Student No: 109444602 Word Count: 1988 I don’t agree with the statement provided that ‘whistleblowing’ is an enemy of business and creates suspicion and disharmony. This is simply the old traditional view of the idea of whistleblowing that there is a spy or snitch within the camp looking after his/her own interests. This old and traditional view is largely based on the case that employee’s within organisations had very little rights and they weren’t encouraged to be vocal about any misbehaviour or inappropriate dealings they would have witnessed within the organisation. The idea that whistleblowing is encouraging a widespread disunity within a firm is a purely…show more content…
This is to ensure that the whistleblowing allegations are dealt with in a fair and transparent manner for the benefit of the employee and the organisation.” So the obvious objective out of this of this act is to ultimately benefit the organisation as a whole and make it more credible to public users who use the organisation that the best practices are being implied and in turn everyone can feel confident that the organisation is run right. The point can be made that “whistleblowing” within a firm, large or small can be encouraged by putting in place policies and a process within a firm that will protect the employee’s and benefit the organisation by: * Avoiding any unnecessary and unwanted publicity in the event that some of the staff within the organisation are engaged in bad behaviour. * There may be the benefit of generating positive publicity from a social responsibility perspective. * It may reinforce a culture of values-based leadership and senior management accountability. * It may increase
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