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Whistleblowing and Sarbanes-Oxley Due DyKetia Gregg Thomas Payne Jr. Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance July 25, 2015 Whistleblowing and Sarbanes-Oxley Due If something happens in the organization, for example, a worker is thought to be engaged in illegal activities, then a whistleblower reports on this to the legal institution. As a rule, a whistleblower is an employee, so to encourage him/her to disclose the information and to assure that one is making a right step the Whistleblower Protection Act was adopted (Ethics and corporate social responsibility, 2009). The things whistleblowers do are very serious. One should always remember that such actions may lead to the loss of money and…show more content…
334). After this had happened, Franks fired Lane. Lane claimed this to be retaliation and sued him. The Federal District Court supported Franks. The Eleventh Circuit held that there was no remedy when the employee was fired in revenge “for turning in a “no show” office holder who was tried, convicted and imprisoned” (Schweitzer, 2015, p. 333). However, the Court rejected this statement as in the majority of cases there was a broader protection of the free speech rights of public workers. Lane’s actions led to his dismissal and attracted the public attention to the case of corruption. The lower courts claimed that Lane did not experience the irrevocable mistake, and the testimony against Schmitz was a part of his official duties and was not related to public concern. Section 806 of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) protects whistleblowers who can prove the act of fraud and are employees of public companies. It is forbidden for any other employees of the organization to be engaged in retaliation (Martin, Hoffman, & Casey, 2004). Unfortunately, the employee is not defined in the Act; thus, the defendant was able to find a loophole and won an action. References Ethics and corporate social responsibility. (2009). Retrieved from https://www.icsa.org.uk/assets/files/pdfs/BusinessPractice_and_IQS_docs/studytexts/corporategovernance2/p_CorpGov_6thEd_StudyText_Chapter11.pdf Martin, D., Hoffman,

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