Whistleblowing : Government And Businesses

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Whistleblowing in Government and Businesses The twentieth President of the United States once said: “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable” (Quotes, 2008). When there is wrongful doing, illegal activity, or unethical behavior happening within a government industry or business it can be difficult to bring this information out in to the open for the public to know. Whistleblowers have the difficult ethical responsibility, with a lot of scrutiny that happens as well, when telling the truth about their findings about a company that is not doing the right thing. Whistleblowing can create a variety of feelings and ethical perspectives for all that might be involved or even just witness the process unfold and…show more content…
When companies choose the wrong path to take and default thousands of people at times the corporations or government loses sight of what is really important for everyone involved or the general public. “Were it not for these whistleblowers, many companies would have gotten away with corruption that in some cases led to the public losing money, and in others, potentially their lives” (Gray, 2012). Those that bring light to problems within a business or government have a lot at risk including their own job and integrity. The choice in which one needs to make is does one ignore and put aside what may be happening, or take the stand against what is not right; no matter what may happen or any consequences or repercussions that may become as result. “It also seems to be an idea that appeals to common sense and is often regarded, therefore, as one that most people use even when they don 't realize they are applying a specific ethical theory” (Mosser, 2013). Next, a whistleblower, use the deontology theory, has to first recognize why the government or corporation decided to do the wrongful actions. “The deontologist argues that we have a duty, or an obligation, to treat other people with respect; human beings have dignity, and we must take that dignity into consideration when dealing with
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