Whistler Ski Resort Project

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CHAPTER 5 Review Questions 2 – Organization culture can significantly influence the estimates. How the difference of culture appears on human beings can also be seen in an organization. In some organizations, padding estimates is normal and even encouraged in some cases. On the other hand, another organization which is sensitive on estimates can put much more effort to increase the accuracy of the project estimates. It is all about their approach to the project management. Some believe that it is always impossible to predict the future and worthless to spend so much time on it. However, the rest subscribe to the belief that accurate estimates are the key points of effective project management. 3 – Top-down estimates are derived from people…show more content…
1 – Critical path on the network; * Build road site * Clear chair lift * Construct chair lift foundation * Install chair lift towers * Install chair lift cable * Install chairs 6 → 9 → 17 → 18 → 21 → 22 2 – The total duration of the project is 130 working days. If there are 2 non-working days per week, there will be 52 non-working days during the whole project. 150 + 32 = 182 days after 1st of April is 30th of September. So, the project can be completed by October

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