White America / Black America

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White America/Black America

Ada Delpino

A Research Paper
Submitted to the College of
Cowley County Community College
In partial fulfillment of requirements for the
Composition II Course

April 21, 2015

White America/Black America Black and White, two words that are immediately recognized as opposites. Black is wicked, white is virtuous. Black is evil, white is holy. Black is dark, white is light. Black represents the devil, white represents God. White is worn at weddings, black is worn at funerals. There is black magic and white magic. There are little white lies and there are blacker than night hearts. There are Black people and there are white people. There are Black Americans and there are White Americans. White Americans have the American Dream and Black Americans have Dr. Martin Luther Kings, “I have a dream.” The usage of “Black America or White America” supports racial division and promotes racial inequality.
The American Dream, what is it? Merriam-Webster definition states “an American social ideal that stresses egalitarianism and especially material prosperity.” (American Dream) In layman terms, this is stating that while equality is stressed, the most important is material prosperity. Material prosperity is the way to the “good life”. What does this have to do with the African-American? Everything.
“In society today, racism and segregation are very much alive. There is injustice and unfair advantages for whites that many…
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