White America / Black America

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White America/Black America

Ada Delpino

A Research Paper
Submitted to the College of
Cowley County Community College
In partial fulfillment of requirements for the
Composition II Course

April 21, 2015

White America/Black America Black and White, two words that are immediately recognized as opposites. Black is wicked, white is virtuous. Black is evil, white is holy. Black is dark, white is light. Black represents the devil, white represents God. White is worn at weddings, black is worn at funerals. There is black magic and white magic. There are little white lies and there are blacker than night hearts. There are Black people and there are white people. There are Black Americans and there are White
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Without the chance for equal opportunity, the American Dream can never be obtained. There is, and never will be, an end to racism and for this reason, equal opportunity will never exist, thus causing the American Dream to be unreachable.” (African Americans and the American Dream)
The above is hard to swallow and could lead to feelings of hopelessness for those who are considered black America. While racism is a choice, equal opportunity is a basic right and furthermore it is the law. Employment applications ask that the applicant reveal their race by checking the box, yet, Federal laws state that discrimination based on race is illegal. Why then does the box exist? One answer found during this research states:
We need a racial classification because our society is still unequal in terms of race. For example, does being white have the same meaning as being Black, Latino, or Native American? Sociologist Andrew Hacker conducted an experiment in which he asked a group of white college students if they would consider changing their race and living the rest of their lives as Black, and if so, how much compensation they thought was fair for making the change. The amount the students agreed upon was $50 million - $1 million per year for the next 50 years. If all races are the same, why is compensation necessary? (Race, The Power of an Illusion)
There it is; we need
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