White And Hispanic Prisoners : African Americans

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The first minorities that are often discriminated against are African Americans, more specifically, African American males. As of 2009, Johnson (2014) states that 39.4 percent of blacks represented the majority of the prisons (as cited in Bowman, 2014b, p. 324). According to Hartney and Vuong (2009), African Americans are more likely to get less favorable results than whites when it comes to the death penalty, prison sentencings, recidivism, etc. They’ve also stated that blacks are more likely to be sentenced to prison, while whites are sentenced to probation. Blacks are treated quite differently than the white inmates. Some studies have found that African Americans expressed great concern over the justice system, and have distributed their fear by becoming angry and hostile when they become incarnated, thus leading to more violent conflicts. Not only that, blacks are more prone to be viewed as intimidating by white prison employees, which is why most african americans are kept under surveillance besides the white and hispanic prisoners (Hawkins and Ross, n.d.). Prisons have also showcased different ways that African Americans are discriminated. A few examples are that white inmates were given better work tasks, while blacks were left with the custodian jobs. The prison system has also denied blacks of being able to transfer over to better housing and better tasks, which has led African Americans to complain about these discriminating acts (Hawkins and Ross, n.d.).…
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