White And Multi Color Globe Christmas Lights

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Pink…and multi-color globe Christmas lights were all I could see. The faint roar of an overly dramatic Latino soap opera could be heard over the Spanish conversations. Most Americans would find this place to be out of their comfort zone or somewhere they just wouldn’t go. To the native El Salvador residents in the District of Columbia this pupuseria, called Gloria’s Pupuseria and is located in Northwest D.C., among many others, are a small slice of home for them. Through the hustle and bustle of important business men and women in nice office clothes. An unseen community can be noticed. This community is the El Salvadorian community of D.C. They work meager jobs and aren’t seen in the public spotlight, but when examined more closely every one of them as a story to tell and positively contributes to Washington D.C. In fact, about 240,000 Salvadorians live in DC and that number doesn’t account for the Salvadorians who reside in nearby Virginia or Maryland (Lazo). These are people who we see working hard every day and each of them has their own story to tell. The United States didn’t receive more than 1.7 million Salvadorian immigrants by posting flyers everywhere. These immigrants were fleeing their country to escape the hardships, oppressive government, and poverty of El Salvador. For twelve years, El Salvador was ravaged by a civil war that killed 75,000 of its citizens. The war started with the assassination of Archbishop Romero. A quarter of a million people attended his…

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