White And Multi Color Globe Christmas Lights

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Pink…and multi-color globe Christmas lights were all I could see. The faint roar of an overly dramatic Latino soap opera could be heard over the Spanish conversations. Most Americans would find this place to be out of their comfort zone or somewhere they just wouldn’t go. To the native El Salvador residents in the District of Columbia this pupuseria, called Gloria’s Pupuseria and is located in Northwest D.C., among many others, are a small slice of home for them. Through the hustle and bustle of important business men and women in nice office clothes. An unseen community can be noticed. This community is the El Salvadorian community of D.C. They work meager jobs and aren’t seen in the public spotlight, but when examined more closely every…show more content…
Shortly after, the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMNL) formed to oppose the government forces. Once the FMNL launch a full scale attack on the El Salvador government, the United States responded by giving the government military aid. In effect, the Rapid Deployment Infantry Battalions formed and were responsible for most of the war crimes. On November 16, 1989 the Rapid Deployment Brigade murdered eight Jesuits on the University of Central America’s campus, six of them prominent Jesuit priests. This event gained international attention and got the United Nations involved with the situation. Slowly the civil war came to an end and FMNL demobilized their forces. Now ARENA and FMNL are parties of opposition and have continued their war through political means instead of violence (El Salvador). El Salvador has suffered a lot of violence and unrest. For these reasons, combined with a current difficult economy, Salvadorians have sought refuge in the United States. Felix, a native Salvadorian, came to the United States in 1989 when he was 25 years old. I met Felix at Gloria’s Pupuseria while researching the Salvadorian community and savoring pupusas for my first time. Many might wonder what on earth a pupusa is, I had no clue what they were before this project. According to Marian Blazes a pupusa is, “corn tortillas with a filling -
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