White Australia By Henry Lawson Analysis

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Within every piece of text is an underlying meaning or personal statement of opinion that each author wishes to express. In the poem “white australia” by there is very much the presence of protest against the way aboriginals were treated and their struggles during the time of white settlement in australia, and also the protest against any race discrimination. “Success” by henry lawson is a poem about the triumph and achievement perceived within australian society about winning war but also highlights the devastation and cost it brought within soldier's lives, insidiously affecting society as a whole. Throughout both selected texts there are techniques and features that help convey a message about australian society and the achievement and struggle that many have faced and still face today, shaping our national identity.…show more content…
Even though society is far more accepting and non discriminatory today there are still people within society that alienate people of a different race than themselves, making this poem still relevant, and helping us see different aspects of australia’s history and the lives that some people still live.

The poem “Success” represents aspects of our society and our nation's identity as it is about one of the most horrific periods in australia's history which we as a society commemorate and remember every year on anzac day. The triumph perceived within society of winning war in the poem is great and joyful, yet for the victims and the soldiers of war it is a different story.

Using a flowing rhythm and an end rhyme every line, lawson has made this poem interesting and engaging for the reader, whilst still encapsulating the essence of a society at war and the struggle that many men faced at war and the aftermath of
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