White Collar Blues By Benedict Jonas

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White-Collar Blues The essay “White-Collar Blues” by Benedict Jonas explains that there is a prevalent amount of blue collar workers that aspire to careers that do not suit their talents. As a result, numerous Americans are unsatisfied with their jobs and are miserable. In order to be content people get plastic surgery or exercise, not for themselves, but so that others can take notice. In fact, we are so caught up in the lives of public figures that when something favorable happens to them we also feel elated. The situation has gotten so awful that we seek other ways and people to make ourselves cheerful, instead of obtaining it from within ourselves. Jonas says that “in order to achieve true happiness, we have to find our place in life.” Especially in the workforce considering, countless people are trying to cram themselves into a job that they are ill-suited for. Having to go to a job that one does not like will not bring them happiness or fulfillment. Countless people are going to college believing that that is the only route to success. They believe that college will prepare them for the real world, however, most of the time, students find out that is not the case. White collar jobs are the most stable line of work, however, they should not be the only ones that people consider. Blue collar jobs are significant too, and more often than not people in blue collar jobs are happier. Whether it is white collar or blue collar jobs we should embrace both of them. The author

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