White Collar Crime And Organized Crime

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Introduction: This paper explores white collar crime and elaborates on the types of organized crimes through the analysis of case studies. Furthermore, I will also discuss the differences and similarities between professional crime and organized crime. White collar crime is the use of deceptive acts to solely benefit oneself, often leaving many victimized. Within this paper, I explain which theories best clarify why individuals partake in these criminal behaviors, and preventative methods. In addition, I will state my opinion on the severity of white collar crime and organized crime.
Description: According to Sutherland, the definition of white collar crime is “violations of the law committed by a person of high social status within the course of their otherwise respectable occupation, business, or profession”. Within this definition Sutherland places a significant amount of emphasis on a few key words. The first key word is of high social status, which excludes those individuals who are of middle class and lower echelons. Secondly, the deception must occur within the business setting. White collar crime has a damaging impact on the social morale because it causes individuals to lose trust in financial institutions, which sends negative images to the middle and lower class. Without the use of investing, it creates a hindrance to the growth of the economy. Moreover, many of those victimized do not know they were taken advantage of, and can those their life savings due to
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