White Collar Crime

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Working Outline I. Introduction: A. Opener: - The definition of white collar and white collar crime * Various types of white collar crime B. Thesis statement: There are 3 causes of white collar and 5 way to combat with white collar crime. II. The cause of white collar crime is opportunities to commit crime. A. The loophole of the law and security B. An individual well known the operation of a company, the chances to commit fraud is higher. III. Second causes of white collar crime are workers situational personal pressures. A. Direct pressures surrounded by their environment. B. Leader gives a command to achieve impractical performance objectives at…show more content…
How people to combat white collar crime? Here have three causes mention and explain clearly why employee will take risk to commit white collar crime such as opportunities to commit crime, workers situational personal pressures, and issues of pertaining to honesty whereas there also have five ways to combat white collar crime such as tighten the law and punishment, enforcement by government, set up a corporate program, build positive moral principles in white collar criminal mind, and others minor ways to prevent and reduce white collar crime will give in details in the following. First of all, the cause of white collar crime is opportunities to commit crime. Hirschi and Gottfredson (1987) explained white collar crime unlike other common crime, the reason they contravention of the law is not similar with normal crime”. In addition, there are different response from official between white collar crime and normal crime (Hirschi & Gottfredson, 1987). It is not clear between both terms itself, however, normally both terms have a correlation with it, and actually normally crime is less serious or less unsafe or less harmful to public value or social compare with white collar crime (Sutherland, 1983; Will, 1987 as cited in Hirschi & Gottfredson, 1987, p. 115). As the result, the loopholes of the law will benefit to employee when they take this as an opportunities to commit white collar crime. According to Dr. Yusof Nook (1993) and Joseph Eby Ruin (1996),
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