White Collar Crime

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White collar crime has been present for many years. It may have been over looked, but it still was present even in the twentieth century. White collar crime can be defined as nonviolent, illegal activities that principally involve traditional notions of deceit, deception, concealment, manipulation, breach of trust, subterfuge or illegal circumvention. White collar crime is a broad category containing many different types of offenses. Even things such as music piracy seem to fit this definition. Small crimes such as music piracy or illegal prescription drug buying is not really enforced much because these are not really major crimes. The criminal in this crime is probably an elderly individual or child. Most prosecutions of white collar…show more content…
The first fraudulent scheme that I will discuss is the topic of automobile insurance fraud. According to the Insurance Fraud Institute, the majority of the claims they receive of bodily harm are exaggerated. Many of these people may be hurt, but not to the extent to which they claim to be. Many of these people only want reimbursement for high insurance premium costs, but these claims are what drive up the premium costs in the first place. This accounts for one-third of all insurance fraud cases. Some fraudulent cases come from staged accidents or inflated repair show estimates. Repair may even damage someone 's property to purposely raise the amount of the price range that it would cost to get the car fixed. This may seem as if the repair man is doing this just to the individual who brought their car in, but if they have insurance he is defrauding the insurance company also. Many just simply raise price ranges for customers. This is very easy to do to young and elderly individuals. The young victims may not understand, while the elderly probably don 't know any better. The next form of insurance fraud I am going to mention deals with phony workers compensation claims. These offenders exaggerate injuries with the intent of receiving paid work leave or other benefits. You could see this most common in manual labor companies. Some offenders even go as far as to fake an injury
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