Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

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I Swear I had No Idea That was Happening White collar crimes are occurring without anyone realizing it. Who has the time or the energy to make sure that all the big companies are following exactly what they are suppose to do. After reading the text as well as watching the movie, “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” it allowed me to ponder the idea, what can be done to limit/lessen the amount of white collar crime occurring. The first action that should be took, would be to inform the general about the definitions and the varying types of white collar crime. When we looked in class and about one third of the people were unsure of their own deviant actions in this arena, it makes it easier for different groups/individuals to commit these deviant acts because the audience does not witness/see these acts. When people then can look for the deviant actions of the varying white collar crime, they can then place more of a stigma around that person's identity. When a stigma is then placed, they have to deal with the label as well. This would be my first step idea in solving white collar crime. To get this label to be placed, society needs to stop being pushed around and decided by these companies and start placing blame. They are already hurting the economy (in the case of the film and the videos watched in class) and if we could just blame and put the individuals into jail or at least punish them with money. Just by doing this to one company would put fear and fright into some
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