White Collar Crime in America Essay examples

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We like every other person in this world, when we hear the word crime; we automatically get an image of a person from a low class in a bad neighborhood and coming from a troubled family. However, who knew that those who are educated and coming from a wealthy family can also pertain to the world of crime and mischief. We as human beings tend to also be judgmental, assuming that only unprivileged men have a drive to commit an offense against the law then a prosperous individual. Nevertheless, it is not our evil doing that we are regularly pushed to foresee this problem this way, especially not when it is the media, the government, and the media are the ones who painting this picture for us. In this universe we are surrounded by none ending …show more content…
The one that is focused on more then any others in the world of crime is street crime. According to the FBI’s index of offenses, some street crimes include burglary, larceny, auto theft, robbery, rape, assault, and murder. To many the particular are called to be the whole of crime, or the main people, for the reason that these wrongdoings are habitually the ones that are sent to court or prison. Within street crime there are two types of convicts, habitual offenders and one-time-only criminals. A habitual offender is described as a person who continues their crimes and the majorities who are arrested are repeaters. Other type the one-time-only are those who commit a crime accidental or incidental and who people believe should not be disciplined harshly. A more high class crime is known as the White collar crime. This crime includes embezzlement, bankruptcy fraud, swindles, tax evasion, and theft of property by computer, passing bad checks, copying movies or music, and fraudulent use of credit cards. White collar crimes are informed to be expensive and extensive. When these wrongdoers are caught it’s amazing to see how lenient the U.S. society is with them when they are captured. Honestly, I believe both street crime and white collar crime are both very problematic in our society. The reason being, both these crimes are affecting our society in a bad way. It is like

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