White Collar Crimes And Street Crimes

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In today’s society, both white-collar crimes such as counterfeiting and street crimes such as burglary are prevalent. Both white-collar crimes and street crimes affect society —sometimes in similar ways and in other cases, in much different ways. More often than not, white-collar crimes directly cause more financial detriment than anything else, while street crimes more often than not directly cause more physical harm. The emotional implications of both types of crime are also significant and should not be overlooked. The emotional trauma of having been the victim of a street crime like robbery can be analogous in severity to the trauma of having been the victim of a white-collar crime such as embezzlement, so it is difficult to determine whether or not one type of crime causes more trauma of this sort than the other.
In measuring and tracking trends in crime there are two main types of methods used. The first in England and Wales is recorded crime statistics which is obtained by the police. It focuses on the trends and patterns in crime as well as data collected by law enforcement agencies which is crime that is concerned by the public or otherwise crime brought to the attention of the authorities.
Undertaken in 1981, the second approach in crime measurement is the British Crime Survey (BCS) which has run sporadically since then, although it is now carried out annually. It is now usually presumed that victimisation surveys are a more accurate measure of crime levels
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