White Fang By Jack London

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The book White Fang was written by Jack London. White Fang is a fiction book because it did not really happen. This novel became important because of what it taught. It taught how the actions of humans affect other things in nature, in this case wolves. White Fang spoke about everything, from courage all the way to death. White Fang took place in the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories in Canada, during the 1890s. The book is in third person omniscient, and was told from White Fang’s point of view. The setting in White Fang affects the story because it explains what type of weather and harsh conditions the people and animals had to go through. Jack London made the Yukon seem like a balancing point between wilderness and…show more content…
White Fang definitely shows his appreciation towards Weedon and Judge Scott by saving Judge Scott’s life by killing Jim Hall. White Fang’s many, many changes had the outcome of the relationships he had with the men that had come into his life. In the beginning, Bill and Henry’s sled dogs were pulling a coffin. A pack of wolves is following close behind them. The she-wolf is very smart and knows her way to get the things she needs. She starts out by getting food from Bill and Henry. Then she takes it another step farther by tricking the dogs to “play” with her, but she manipulates them and her pack eats them. Eventually the wolves eat Bill because he tried to save one of their last dogs, but he did not come back, leaving Henry and two dogs left. After Henry’s other dogs got tricked, he was the wolf pack’s next victim. After a long night, Henry got rescued by a group of men. The pack of wolves then had to go off without Henry being their main prospect for food. They all split up after they had found a moose, leaving the she-wolf with three male dogs. The three males then fought each other to see who can get the she-wolf. One-Eye, one of the males, was the only one that survived and eventually the she-wolf had One-Eye’s pups. One-Eye soon died because of a lynx. Also, all of the pups died, except for the only grey pup. One day when the she-wolf was out hunting for food for her and her pup, the grey pup, White Fang, goes out of the entrance of the cave, where his

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