Essay about White Feather Corporation’s College Recruitment Program

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White Feather Corporation’s College Recruitment Program
White Feather Corporation (WFC) is a consumer products company that employs approximately 3,400 that has developed a college recruitment strategy. WFC human resources (HR) department determined that there was a need for 40 new college graduate hires. Marianne Collins a ten year employee of WFC was promoted to the human resources department and tasked with beginning the new college graduate recruitment effort. The first year that recruiting efforts were completed on campuses, resulted in dismal results that only met 37.5% of the college hiring goal or fifteen of forty needed employees.
Last year Marianne delegated on-site campus interviews to three department managers to be
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Last year when specific job titles were not identified, the recruiters’ questions were not focused on the knowledge, skill, ability and other characteristics (KSAOs) needed for each specific job; therefore, the recruiter’s questions were not always relevant to the position as well as questions occasionally failed to recognize guidelines put forth by Equal Employment Opportunity laws.
Recruiter Trainee Program
The training program should consist of a review of each identified job description with definitions provided for each identified KSAOs. Each job description should also have detailed questions that are specific to the job for the recruiter to ask in the interview process. Each recruiter trainee should be given a form that can be completed during the interview that allows space for information gathered about each specific question provided. A second page of an interview form should be provided to be completed the following day that would score the candidates answers, KSAOs as well as recruiters’ perception of the candidate.
The Equal Employment Office (EEO) manager should give a presentation about appropriate interview questions for candidates as well as a review of inappropriate questions and subjects to be avoided by recruiters. Recruiters should also be briefed about EEO laws and possible litigation that could result if guidelines are not followed. Recruiters should be given a handout that reinforces EEO concepts.
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