White Haven, Pennsylvania

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I am starting my essay with what place I am doing. I am doing White Haven, Pennsylvania, It is a New Sweeden land turned into Pennsylvania land. This city is a small town, there is not so much history of this city. The Historical Landmarks I think are very interesting, The Liberty Bell and Gettysburg Battlefield. I personally think that this is a very interesting city myself. The Liberty bell is a bell that was first rung on July 8, 1776 to celebrate the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Gettysburg Battlefield is a Battle fought by Union and Confederate forces during the American civil war. I would love to go and see the Liberty bell and the Gettysburg Battlefield. I’m not into history that much, but I would still like to go see those things.

The demographics and reputation is what i’m talking about next. The reputation is pretty cool, it is that the Liberty bell is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The population of White Haven is 1,097. That’s a small town, but yet the town I live in is very small. My town only has 518, now that’s a very
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I say horseback riding because I grew up with horses and I love to ride horses. I said, skiing because I have never been skiing and I love to sled in the snow so I thought I would love skiing. I would love to go skiing in very cold weather. I love the cold weather, so I think that I would like skiing. I also think that the other overall impressions are Gettysburg Battlefield and the Liberty Bell I love the overall impression because I’ve never been skiing and I love horseback riding. The skiing would be a lot better because I have horses myself and why would I go to White Haven just to ride Horses, no i’m going to go there to go to a ski resort. But I would love to go there to see the Liberty Bell and the Gettysburg Battlefield. There is no place to go skiing in Ste. Gen Mo. There is a lot of horseback riding but no
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