White Horse Descriptive Writing

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What just happened? I sat at the window, wondering about what I just saw. It was 3 am when I woke up, in the middle of a thunderstorm. Carefully, I went to sit on the window seat to gaze at the dark, rolling clouds above. Lightning flashed and thunder roared. Wait! What was that? It was a white horse. Standing in the pasture, staring right at me. He was calm, almost as if he was waiting for someone, or something. Suddenly, a huge lightning bolt flared. Momentarily, I was blinded. When I looked back at where the horse was, I was astonished. Nothing!! Where did he go? Still confused, I get back into bed and drift into a deep sleep filled with white horses galloping through the sky. The next morning, I sit up and yawn. All at once, I remember…show more content…
I race down the loft ladder and out of the barn to find the mysterious white horse heavily panting as he pulls and thrashes, trying to free his hoof from the fence. However, the most shocking thing is that flailing in the air are two wings, practically glowing with an unearthly light. Carefully, I calm the horse down, muttering soothing words to him, and he looks up at me with trusting liquid eyes. Scrambling around Pegasus, I reach underneath the tightly wedged hoof and wiggle it from between the posts. At last, Pegasus is free. With a glance in my direction, he trots towards the clouds in the distance. I begin to follow, but an unknown force sweeps me off my feet and carries me into the sky. I look up at the force, and see an enormous bird carrying me into the sky. Abruptly, I see a flash of white and I am falling from the sky. Pegasus swoops under and catches me, then carries me back into the sky above. We peacefully glide above the clouds, gathering speed until the world around me is a blur. The blur slows down slowly, and I find Pegasus and myself flying towards a majestic mountain with a Greek palace on top of it. Somehow, I hear a gentle voice inside my head that whispers,”Welcome to Olympus, Kingdom of the Gods.” As Pegasus and
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