White Identity And National Identity In The United States

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Asad Shamsi
Tshombe Miles
Black Latin Studies
Journal Entry: 2
What does it mean to be white in the United States? How does white identity – how white people see themselves – affect national identity in the United States? These are questions that have been overlooked by the American society as something that’s been integrated into the structure of race. There is a major issue in America, of how dominant groups are often “hidden” or taken-for-granted in social interaction, and this leads to the concept of ‘whiteness’ that David Roediger talks about in his interview with NPR. Whiteness is also a social problem in the form that their privilege removes privilege from people of color or minorities. This lack of equal opportunity and privilege that colors face creates an issue of national identity where everyone non-white fights and works as hard as they can to simply be equal to whites who were given this power by the color of their skin at birth. Whiteness in the United States is defined by being usually being of European descent and having a white complexion. Meaning that the majority of the world from 3 other major continents are neglected and aren’t in the white group, therefore automatically underprivileged. As spoken about previously in numerous class discussions as well as sociological literature, the concepts of race and ethnicity are often ambiguous and/or confused with one another. This is due in large to the socially constructed nature of race and
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