White Knight Case Study

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White Knight Case

Question 1

Based on the HR Business Partner of White Knight’s findings there is a lot of room for improvement in their recruitment and selection process. Performance levels and customer satisfaction are taking a hit due to a lack of efficiency in areas such as recruitment/selection, staff retention, job design methods and reward management. My first recommendation would be a change in the advert strategies used by the company by firstly redesigning the job description, being more specific in job competency and personal characterisation that would be more suited to the call centre position. Having a clearly outlined job description and person specification will not only help filter the pool of suitable applicants
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If there were incentives implemented as well as job variation/ rotation it would attract a wider scope of suitable candidates for the positions being offered at a full/part-time base as opposed to a high level of temporary positions. If these were to be implemented and included under the job description when advertising the vacancy then in turn it would full more reliable permanent positions eliminating the need for excess temp staff and maintain that high level of performance previously achieved by permanent staff. The level of service and performance would be a lot more standard and level across the board.
Finally when a selection is made of suitable candidates I would lengthen the induction period as well as structuring it a lot better than it currently is. As it stands the induction for new agents is a half a day’s training by a team leader followed by the new agent to shadow an experienced agent for two days before they start managing calls themselves. It is quite evident that there are no massive costs to the company in this department as they are utilising existing resources within the company which is very efficient but in turn the quality of this training/induction may be lacking. The half day training should be stretched to at least a full days training as there is generally a lot of information being given during any
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