White Male Patriarchy

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However, the social order of society is structured by a historical system centered among race-based superiority. This notion impedes the development of a true independent identity. Consequently, a struggle arises for distinctiveness, respect, and power. For Black men there becomes a conflict with who he is versus how he is projected in society.
Although race conjures biological and phenotypical characteristics, there is no necessary relationship. Yet, race is a social and historical process, it is both “a dimension of human representation and an element of social structure” (Omi and Winant 124). Subsequently, contention arises with the attempt to assimilate black male identity with the ethics and conduct of the White majority. Charles Mills argues this point with the concept of the “somatic norm”. Mills writes, “…in early racist theories one finds not only moral but aesthetic judgments, with beauty and fair races pitted against ugly and dark races” (Mills 61). What Mills is describing is the standard by which other bodies are judged. Although what is being judged is not narrowed to beauty. The somatic norm is correlated with intellectual and moral capacities. With this approach the black race is considered a…
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